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Team Fortress 2 servers update 30/04/2008

The required Team Fortress 2 update is now live.  Please run hldsupdatetool to receive it.  The specific changes include: Source Engine: Improved particle performance on multi-core machines. Added FOV slider to Options | Video | Advanced for all games (moved … Continue reading

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sv_downloadurl / fast downloads for Counterstrike Source

The following tutorial will talk you through setting up Fast Downloads through the sv_downloadurl cvar for Counterstrike Source. I’m assuming already that you have a working knowledge of FTP / adding maps to your game server, and have uploaded any … Continue reading

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Call of Duty 4 Mapping : PC Gamers fairly treated ?

Well for my first blog I thought I’d start with a contentious issue – Call of Duty 4 Mapping ! The CoD Community has always benefitted from the dedicated individuals willing to make new maps for gamers to play. Way … Continue reading

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Three tips to choosing your game server host

Happy very belated Easter all I didn’t receive any Easter Eggs this year, I’m far too old for that kind of stuff. Anyone wanting to send some chocolate through to me can do so through our contact page Anything, to … Continue reading

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First Impression: Crysis, you get what you pay for

Crysis is one of those games which PC suppliers look forward to. There’s one game release every year which triggers the games community to rush out and spend all of their hard earned (or for those under 18 kindly donated) … Continue reading

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Free downloads for Call of Duty 4 game servers

Hosting a Call of Duty 4 game server with INX? Having to pay out for a costly piece of webspace for your map downloads? Why not get a Call of Duty 4 game server with INX? We’re putting together a … Continue reading

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3 Reasons why UT3 isn’t as good as Unreal Tournament

Sometimes, old games are better than their later sequels. I was trying to play UT3 with a friend recently, and sadly it became obvious that, in some ways, Unreal Tournament 3 just isn’t as good as the original UT was. … Continue reading

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Parents!! Just Say ‘NO’ To….

Your child wanting that 18 rated game! This is just coming from experience, and still narks me when I think about it. Was a few months back a relative came over with his swanky Xbox 360 (which I am jealous … Continue reading

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Female Role Models In Games

Being a woman myself i grew up on games, I’m not your A typical gal who looks goes nuts on shoes and hats and clothing. (Only when I need to! ) But a lot of the time growing up, weight … Continue reading

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On your feet gamers! We march to war!

Lock and load guys! reports that gamers are forming protest groups in order to exert political pressure on developers. I decided to take a look down the list and subject each of them to harsh judgement. Why? Because I … Continue reading

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