sv_downloadurl / fast downloads for Counterstrike Source

The following tutorial will talk you through setting up Fast Downloads through the sv_downloadurl cvar for Counterstrike Source.

I’m assuming already that you have a working knowledge of FTP / adding maps to your game server, and have uploaded any custom maps to your game server, and they’re working ok.

1. Set up web hosting

First, you need to get hold of some web hosting, free or paid. If you are an INX customer, you can currently (as of April 2008 at the time I write this!) set up free web hosting on your control panel.

In this tutorial, I’ll assume you are using our free web hosting.

Connect via FTP to your free web hosting.

Navigate to the public_html folder.

Here we are going to copy exactly, the structure of your game server. You’ll need to create new folders, and subfolders. When you’ve finished, the directory structure should look like this:

– srcds_l

The rest is simple. Upload your custom maps (including all the files that they come with) to your maps folder.


If you want to add skins, sounds etc, then these also need uploading, again, using exactly the same structure as your game server.

2. Editing server.cfg

The easiest way to do this is via the file editor on the INX Control Panel.

Go to the file editor, and select to edit server.cfg.

Let’s imagine your free webspace URL is ‘’. If you have uploaded your folders and files correctly, you should be able to load and see:

So, copy and paste the following into server.cfg:

sv_downloadurl “”
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

Obviously, substitute in your URL that you’ve setup ;)

Finally, reboot your server!

If you’ve done everything above right, it should work fine.

Are you a current customer? Have any problems? You can contact our support team –

If you aren’t a customer and would like a game server with fast downloads, then you can order a game server via our website.

Enjoy :)

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8 Responses to sv_downloadurl / fast downloads for Counterstrike Source

  1. Chris says:

    i have everything you told me and it still doesn’t work. I have had this on my old server but with the new one it doesn’t seem to work.

    sv_downloadurl “”
    sv_allowupload 1
    sv_allowdownload 1

    That is what i have along with all the files properly done any ideas?

  2. Dave says:

    I think there is an error in the download URL line.

    Should it not be

    sv_downloadurl “”

    not sv_downloadurl “”

  3. Olly says:

    I’ve fixed that error, thanks for pointing out Dave.

    Chris, if you need help with a server you need to contact support please.

  4. ion iordache says:

    i think is an eror io the download

  5. McConaghy475 says:

    thanks for the help lads :)

    uploading now so hopefully all will be okay

    i used the command

    sv_downloadurl “”

  6. TacTical says:

    sv_downloadurl “”
    sv_allowupload 1
    sv_allowdownload 1

  7. svendbent says:

    can you still get free web hosting by the control panel? because i cant find it.

  8. Olly says:

    You need to be on the standard package to get the free web hosting

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