INX Call of Duty 4 Public Servers update

Well, since Olly kicked of the Public servers there’s a few of us now to admin them and I thought it would be useful to update you all on what they’re all about.

Both the servers are running TDM with a different mix of maps and they can be found at :

Public 1 : Port 28160

Public 2 : Port 28160

The servers are setup as stock hardcore so no mods or custom maps.

Considering they were only launched a week or so ago, Public 1 has done phenomenomly well rising about 9,500 places on Gametracker’s server listing in less than a week !

Public 2 is struggling  a little so if you have some spare time please sit on that to attract some players along. If you need a fragfest rush then get along to Public 1 which has been attracting 15-30 players most of the time :)

So what else is there to say about these two servers ?

Well, we’ve joined PBBans to help keep the servers cheat free and some players have been banned already. For those who don’t know, most servers run Punkbuster as the anti-cheat software (as do both of these). PBBans is one of a growing number of player developed sites that take the anti-cheat philosophy a step further. By checking CVARs or DVARs and MD5′s they can identify someone running a cheat. The player gets kciked from the server and banned (in real time) BUT also gets banned from all other servers that are streaming to PBBans so helping to keep the cheats off the streets and limiting the number of servers they can play on. Currently there are over 5,000 servers streaming to PBBans so around 25% of all servers.

We are also running stats for players which are regularly updated and will be reset each month. We’ll then keep a list over the year of the top players and maybe we could hold a competition at the end of the year ?

You can view your stats, as well as the Gametracker listing for the servers at :

so pop along and see how you stack up against your mates !

When playing on the public servers we would ask that you moderate your language and so no abusive or racist comments please. We also expect you to abide by any admin requests issued via the console.

If you’d like to post some of your screenshots from the Public servers or need to contest or report a ban then come along to the gaming community forums at :

There are no claymores planted at the entrance and registration just takes a few moments !

If you have played the public servers and want your own for your Clan or even just for a get-together with your mates then you can find the details with an instant setup at :

So come join the fun now !


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