Counterstrike Source game servers are immortal

When you think of immortality, you sum up an image of a deity. Indestructible. And that’s not far off Counterstrike. As I write, just shy of 40,000 people are playing on Counterstrike Source game servers world wide.

Only World of Warcraft puts Counterstrike Source to shame. And let’s face it- that game is as addictive is heroin, and it’s not even an FPS.

So why is Counterstrike Source still so popular, 5 years on?

  • Vast array of mods. Zombiemod, Gungame, Deathmatch. Heck I even played on an INX surf gameserver the other day. That was….interesting for a gaming traditionalist like myself, use to the orthodoxy and conservatism of dust only CS Source servers.
  • Maps. Thousands of them. Tens of thousands? So much variety. Some terrible, some beyond fun. But it’s hard to get bored of the same old Counterstrike game server.
  • The l33t skill factor. Many players jump from CSS server to server pumping their stats. Call of Duty 4, TF2, arguably more a community feel to it. Counterstrike servers are full of Pro-Plus junkies, fiercely competitive, who will fight to the death. Quite literally.
  • The banter. Let’s face it. I don’t know about you, but if I return home from a night on the town, slightly intoxicated the first thing I do (after pouring a bedtime drink), is jump on a Counter-Strike Source server. Where else can you laugh at the array of swearing and anger- OMFG! FFS HAX! SPAWN CAMPING NOOB!

One day when I’m in my 80′s they’ll have total virtual reality games. With bullet sensitive clothes, and hopefully even a girl if you come out top on the scoreboard.

But I’ll still be playing with the old school CS Source kru ;)

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One Response to Counterstrike Source game servers are immortal

  1. OpenAreas says:

    Yes, the INX surf server can be very overwhelming when you get 25 or more players on. But it is great fun, and a nice environment to be, honestly :) I have access to games such as call of duty 4 and 5, Age of conan.. Yet i still spend more hours on counter strike source, even if the graphics are no match for Call of duty 4 etc. It’s just great to play and with RPG / Deathmatch mod, its instant bloodshed, competition is high with rpg levels and “super powers” such as long jump and frost pistol, dont forget abit of stealth too. It’s just great, major 10/10 still 5 years on from me :)

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