How to disable Zblock on a CS Source server

Zblock is a cool anticheat tool you can install onto Counterstrike Source game servers.

However, you might find you want to remove it. For one reason ZBlock can be a bit of pain when it comes to custom content (although you can make use of the whitelist). We wouldn’t therefore recommend it on public servers.

So how do I remove ZBlock from my CS Source server?

  • Firstly log into the FTP of your game server. The details are clearly displayed on the home page of your control panel
  • Navigate to the following folder:- srcds_l/cstrike/addons/
  • Now delete the following two files:- zblock_css.vdf &
  • You can safely close the FTP program now :)
  • Finally go back to your control panel and restart your server.

ZBlock should now be successfully removed from your Counterstrike Source server.

How do I re-enable ZBlock on my CSS server?

Pretty easy :)

Jump back onto your control panel and click on Mod Central. Here you should see Zblock- just click and the panel will automatically install for you. Wow ;)

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