Quake Sounds on Counterstrike Source game servers

We all love shooting someone in the head and hearing the echoing words:


Those that used to play on Unreal Tournament servers will remember fondly the bunny hopping, the unleashing of a missile followed by the epic shout of:


We are blessed that Quake Sounds also work on Counterstrike Source game servers through the popular addon Manimod. And in just a few steps you can have them configured. Here’s how.

1. Upload Quake Sounds to your Counterstrike Source server

If you already have an INX game server, Quake Sounds will already be uploaded. Useful eh?

If not, they need to go into the following folder:


You should upload these using your favourite FTP program.

2. Enable Quake Sounds

Again, on your FTP look for the following file:


In this file, you should set the following parameter for Quake Sounds to work on your CS Source server:

mani_quake_sounds 1

3. Adding quakesoundlist.txt

Again, if you have an INX gameserver, quakesoundlist.txt will already be there. Useful again eh? ;)

If not, you can find this from the Quake Sounds download on the Manimod website.

This file needs to be in the following directory:


4. Activate Quake Sounds on your Counterstrike Source gameserver

We’re almost there. Locate the following file on your game server:


Make sure the following is set:

exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg

5. We’re done- restart your gameserver!

Finally, for the settings to take effect, you need to restart your game server. INX customers can do this on our control panel.

Not working? Leave a comment below or raise a support ticket. Otherwise, Fingers crossed, Quake Sounds should now be running on your Counterstrike Source game server! :)

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4 Responses to Quake Sounds on Counterstrike Source game servers

  1. Twitty says:

    hello, I have followed all these steps but I have a question … In what part of q we have put in mani_server.cfg exec mani_quake_sound.cfg? thanks in advance and I hope your prompt response.

  2. Olly says:

    It should already be in there if it is an INX server.

    If not, search for it.

    If it’s not in there it should be fine to add it in anywhere :)

  3. mLegion says:

    >>Those that used to play on _Unreal Tournament_ servers
    >>We are blessed that _Quake_ Sounds
    why the hell is a unreal tournament sound pack named _quake_ sounds?

  4. Reuz says:

    Hello. Is there a way to play single player whith quake sounds?

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