Why COD5 servers are dwarfed by Call of Duty 4 servers

Just Google, and you’ll see COD5 outsold Call of Duty 4, 2:1 in the first few weeks. That’s one hell of a headstart on gamers looking for COD5 servers. So why, when you search for UK game servers, are there just over 1800 Call of Duty 4 servers online (nearly 5,000 playing as I write this), and in comparison just over 700 COD5 servers, and half the amount of players online right now?

Also considering Call of Duty 4 gameservers have dropped off recently (as Call of Duty 5 WAW was released!) What does that tell you about COD5 servers? Or the lack of!

Please sir, let us run COD5 servers

It might suggest that some gaming clans wanting to run COD5 servers can’t, because it’s only available on Windows right now. A kind member on the linux COD mailing list recently published a tutorial on running COD5 on Linux, using a program called Wine. That’s great, but two problems with running servers through Wine:

  • It’s not the most stable of solutions
  • It increases CPU usage drastically

It’s not the answer. More worryingly, was after what was published – COD5 linux servers would be available, why are they not, over a month since the release of the game?

The problem is, no-one really knows. No-one knows when COD5 servers will be available to run on Linux. No-one knows whether it might be the 1.1 and upcoming 1.2 patches that are causing the delay. No-one knows!

We’ve ended up setting up a Windows platform to run Call of Duty 5 servers on. We didn’t want to, like the many clans and communities.

It just seems odd, because surely financially, more COD5 servers = more games sold. More money for the developers and publishers.

The server stats speak for themselves. I wonder if the developers will listen to the community for the release of Call of Duty 6? I don’t hold up much hope.

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One Response to Why COD5 servers are dwarfed by Call of Duty 4 servers

  1. John says:

    You are right to some extent, but also COD5 is boring compared to COD4.

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