More Team Fortress 2 / Day of Defeat: Source Updates

A required update for Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source is now available.

Team Fortress 2
- Fixed “r_rootlod” being marked as a cheat, which prevented it from being changed and caused a significant performance loss for some GPUs.
- Changed “The Big Hurt” Scout achievement to be “Stun 2 Medics that are ready to deploy an ÃœberCharge.”
- Fixed Announcer overtime bug on KOTH servers using mp_timelimit.
– Due to many requests, added server ConVar “tf_overtime_nag”. When set to 1, it keeps the broken announcer behavior.
- Fixed tournament stopwatch not displaying the time in the HUD.
- Fixed a bug with cloak meter regen and drain rates.
- Fixed Spies not being able to go invis while reloading.
- Fixed pipebombs sticking to saw blades.
- Fixed weapons not being hidden properly during loser state anims.
- Fixed a case where radius damage didn’t reduce damage to self.
– Fixes Demomen taking too much damage from their pipebombs.
- Fixed a case where items would never show up in the backpack, even though they were available to equip.
- Fixed a case where items weren’t being validated properly in class loadout slots.

Community requests:
- Removed centerprint texts for TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND CTF game mode.
- Changed TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND capture reward from 30 kills to 1 capture.

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