Nobody does it better

One the most frustrating things of being the UK’s leading game server provider, is your unimaginative ‘competitors’ copy overything you do.

Whether it be game servers for a quid a slot….fast downloads…..hardware….

Over the years our competitors have copied all our good ideas. And generally executed them in a sucky way. ul.

It does suck, but as Del Monte just said to me on Yahoo Messenger….’It’s a compliment really‘.

Having just seen a medium sized competitor create their own blog, I did cough and screach ‘FFS! Get an imagination!‘ at the top of my voice, but then started cackling after that. The kind of competitor that uses poor performance Windows for game servers (rofls), and an off the shelf control panel they can’t alter….because they don’t have that ability to do otherwise.

There are game server providers out there we have lots of respect for. These aren’t one of them. I suppose I just pity them at the end of the day

gg lads, but always one step behind.

*sings Nobody Does It Better at the top of his voice*

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7 Responses to Nobody does it better

  1. Del Monte says:

    Well said, here here and all that…

  2. Carl says:

    *cough* these competitors really do live on another planet :D

  3. Vibralux says:

    lol Good Post Olly!

  4. Davren says:

    Well I must agree with all that has been said.

  5. Rob says:

    And tonight, on ‘Olly trolls the I.T industry…’ ;)

  6. super says:

    Who are these bastards you talk of?? :O:O

  7. Simon Gunton says:

    Well if the competitors didn’t *attempt* to copy you, you would feel disappointed and think that the idea you created wasn’t wanted.

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