Call of duty 4 servers

I hate to sound like a stuck record on one of those WW2 fps maps, but why do us Linux guys get such a hard deal?

Call of Duty 4 is fantastic. However, it’s in danger of going the same way as Insurgency…ETQW. Those other games that had that potential to live up to something great.

And my gripe in the case of COD4….No sodding linux server files, again.

Did the COD boys not learn from their former ties with Medal of Honour? The Medal of Honour Airbourne farce is covered in such great detail across the net, it really needs no introduction. For those in the dark, picture a recurring nightmare for Linux game server providers.

  • Game X gets hyped up beyond belief, pre-release. Wow @ those screenies. OMFG @ those trailors. We cannot wait. I am busting a nut with excitement (really).
  • Game X released. It’s as good as the previews suggest! Wahey!
  • Erm. WTF. Server files? Linux server files?
  • Game dies a death.

IMO, and let it be known in my very humble opinion, games make or break in the first week. It’s that first week the rush of people playing online, and hooked, begins.

What is continously letting publisher (shareholder) profits down is:

  • Shoddy initial server files
  • WINDOWS only server files

For crying out loud. We don’t all rent Windows licenses, slap on a copy of <insert well known popular windows control panel, which GSP brands as GSP-Name-Panel and passes off as their own>, and pass ourselves off as game server gurus.

Some of us love understanding how things work.

We adore the open source.

We <3 performance.

We aren’t point and click-monkies.

Some of us don’t particularly want to use Windows. Give us a command line any day.

An awful lot of us don’t want to host Windows, we want Linux.

Which, BTW is why COD 4 servers aren’t listed on the website yet.

So now, you know why :)

- inx|Olly

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3 Responses to Call of duty 4 servers

  1. JJ says:

    The server be run in Wine??

  2. Richard says:

    Agreed. I have been looking for Linux server files a bit now and can’t find them. I work at an ISP and some of my friends want something local to connect to and play and Linux is all I want to server CoD4 on. I hope something happens soon.

  3. EYJohn says:

    I run my own little game server provider and totally agree with that. been googling Linux Dedicated COD4 every few days for the past few weeks. only thing that ever comes up is and how you guys are forced to use the windows version. So after about 10 visits i thought i’d leave a comment…

    Unfortunatelly I dont run any windows servers at all ^^, all linux so cant run the windows version that way. Altho after hours of setup i have managed to run COD4 using wine (windows emulator) on my linux servers. Would not recommend it but for thoes desparate linux users, its the only way. Havnt really had enough time to gain enough CPU data about it but my guess is a good 10-20% over that of the native linux files (when released).

    But had they released the files already, every one could be enjoying hassle free gameplay (and server setup). And i wouldn’t have had to spend a good 4 hours learning how to use wine/Xvnc/Xserver … the list goes on ^^.


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