Did someone say *any* game?

Wow, this week really has flown by. Lots of stuff has gone on at INX, but, as far as you guys are concerned: we’ve already completely filled one of our two new Quadcore game servers (Quadcore 4 is filling up with new game server customers as we speak!) and we’ve made a few panel upgrades!Game Server Switcher

You can now install *any* clan game server you wish via the panel. That’s right folks, if your clan fancies a bit of Counter-Strike Source in the morning, followed by some Call of Duty in the evening, we provide! Simply log onto your game server control panel, click ‘Switch Game’ and you’ll be faced with a plethora of game servers which you can switch between as and when you please. Other than that, nothing else major has been released; we’ve done some bug fixes to furthermore improve the stability of new game server installs and we’ve integrated our blog into the footer of the INX-Gaming homepage.

I’d also like to note that we are in the process of setting up some public CS Source game servers, namely a big GunGame mod server first. We’ll post the IP when it’s up and you can come join me and Olly in the world of online cyberspace. I must add that Olly is a big noob and it’s ever so satisfying owning him in the head with an AWP from long distance.

As usual though, we have plenty more features in the pipeline, alongside some big changes to our non-gaming side of the network (web servers, file servers, etc.); news about this to be released in the near future. Other than that though, we hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend and make the most of it by relaxing in the sun or playing on an INX game server (preferably both at the same time)!

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4 Responses to Did someone say *any* game?

  1. Olly says:

    I think you made a typo Carl. I am not a noob, I am pro, as my e-rep rightly shows.

  2. steven aka tank says:

    nice 1 guys keep up the god work lol does any of u play cs1.6?

  3. .NiGhT. says:

    lol like that Carl, Olly’s a n00b :D :P

  4. Olly says:

    I used to play loooots of CS 1.6 Tank. Don’t get much chance now though :( It’s rumoured Carl’a also pro.

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