Quadcores, Instant Setup Game Servers, Woo!

On Thursday our third and fourth Intel Quadcore machines arrived from Dell! These sexy (expensive) beasts are being used for almost all new game server customers, which, might I add, are now being setup instantly! Olly was lucky enough to have the privilege of taking the new servers out of their boxes and putting them into the racks; no wonder he’s been so happy recently ;)

You complained, INX-Gaming heard you!
We’ve been dropping a few hints here and there and a few rumors have been flying around about this! The main, if not only reason people complain about INX is that the game servers take too long to setup. And quite right too; we agree that an average wait of 3 days is far too long! So, following on from our successful instant setup voice servers, we present to you instant setup game servers!

After trialing our automatic game server setup system for over a week now, we are confident that we have ironed out all the bugs and that everything is running fine. Many thanks to the customers who signed up during the trial period; we know there have been a few hickups but thankfully it’s all smooth sailing from here. The far majority of new customers are setup on our new Quadcore servers for maximum performance; and of course, all orders are setup instantly.

With so many things now automated, we have far more time to concentrate on the ‘true’ support requests (as Olly put it). In the past week we’ve seen the release of the long awaited re-install feature alongside the amazing fix-me tool. Many customers have mentioned just how helpful both of these tools are, and how the fix-me tool in particular has been a real life-saver!

If you haven’t already got an INX-Gaming server, we cannot force you to buy one, but after reading about all the industry-leading features we have to offer, you would be mad not to!

Online Services Manager

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2 Responses to Quadcores, Instant Setup Game Servers, Woo!

  1. Simon Gunton says:

    Very well done carl you have struck again ;)

  2. steven mullan says:

    nice job guys automated service is cool

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