Team Fortress Forever – a pretender to the throne?

Here at INX-Towers, we’ve got a bet going.

We all know Enemy Territory Quake Wars is going to be big this summer. Without getting too carried away, I’ve got a few games I think will pip it to the post of Summer king. It takes me back to A-Level history. 14th-16th century history, no less. Think of Counterstrike Source as Louis XII of France. A true warrior king. And France, the long living giant, set for the gallows as the proletariat hang the game dry. Is Counterstrike a game that will live for ever more, but ultimately doomed to disappear.

Then there’s Battlfield 2. Let’s not include Battlefield 2142. Battlefield 2 the Charles of Burgundy. The queer shaped chin on the face of online gaming. The fantastic game with amazing reaching power, but limited from growing to its full potential by the ranked farce.

Quake Wars, the Henry VIII. Glamorous, revolutionary. Pushing back the boundaries. We hope not ridden with syphallis. This will be a big game no doubt, but what else is there to challenge the big three.

Roll up the first online-gaming equivalent of Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the throne. Team Fortress Forever. Reviving an old, oldie (a kind of Henry VII). Will it be enough to challenge at the top? Will the game fill servers and fill the coffers of the game server providers coffers?

Call of Duty IV, a different direction. A revolution in the tradition of COD based war games. It has to big. Will the dedicated server files be released on time, and without restrictions? Not like the problems with Medal of Honour Airbourne. One member on INX-Forums claims that a week long delay on server files is going to kill the game. It’ll never take off. Are they wrong?

Which is going to be the biggest game this autumn? And what will be the biggest surprise outsider?

Let me know.

And Mrs Lee, 7 years on and I still remember my A-Level history. Impressed?! :)

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One Response to Team Fortress Forever – a pretender to the throne?

  1. Matt says:

    Crysis FTW.

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