Game servers for Left 4 Dead 2 are go!

After much anger and threats to boycott Left 4 Dead 2, the Left 4 Dead demo was released last night.

Delay after delay-those that had pre-ordered were told to wait another hour over and over again. To much anger- I mean anger.

Anyway, at least the demo was released with dedicated server files, eh IW?

After the let down of Call of Duty 6 (and if you haven’t read about that, just Google) it was nice to see Valve supporting their new games with dedicated servers. Giving the PC gamer that pay for the games what they want. But enough of my Valve love fest.

If the demo is a taste of things to come, then I’m not overly excited. I know developers always make the point a demo is by far not the released product, but still…it didn’t wow me.

For all the new features, improved AI and promise of advanced ranking systems….something is missing. Something different.

New weapons, such as the saucepan to whallop Zombies are cute. But nothing beyond the Molotovs and pipe bombs?

The demo map seemed hard to navigate and didn’t seem to have the imagination of previous campaigns.

So far it looks nothing more than Left 4 Dead, with the updates it perhaps should have received?

Still, its new content, and Left 4 Dead 2 game servers seem popular so far. If you are interested in renting one, we’re doing them for £9.31 a month, and you’ll be able to switch to the original Left 4 Dead if you get bored.

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