Left 4 Dead 2 – why you will buy this game

Back in June I blogged a head-to-head between Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor. Which one is better? Well a mixed response, from both sets of die hard supporters. Killing Floor certainly has its fan-boys (and girls – sorry laala). Left 4 Dead, recently has had a little backlash from the gaming community.


Firstly, the lack of support for custom content. Only with a very recent update was support for downloads (from the server) added. Before, any custom content had to be downloaded manually. Not a way to fill your server, huh?

Secondly, the lack of extra campaigns. Two in total since the release of the game. In Valve’s defence, they did add the new game mode- Survivor. But it’s done little to fan the flames of the angry crowd that bought the game.

In comparison, Team Fortress 2 servers have enjoyed update after update, with tweaks and new game play. Left 4 Dead just hasn’t had the new content.

Now, Left 4 Dead 2 is announced, due November. Boycott groups are rife.

But Valve aren’t really doing anything different to the many developers / publishers. Just look at the FIFA / Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, that pushes out, what could be described as ‘patches’ each year- flogging that, and updated players for £50 a time. Good business if you can get it.

Left 4 Dead 2 will be a different game, it will have different content. And with the buzz, and the marketing, and the cool videos on the web, and on TV……those guys boycotting won’t be able to resist.

While in principle, Valve should have provided more support for Left 4 Dead- I don’t see it truly harming the sales figures. In fact, expect them to eclipse last year’s game of the year.

Or will I be eating a slice of humble pie? Let me know :)

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  1. firetiger says:

    Id start bakeing..

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