Left 4 Dead server update 26/03/2008

A required update for Left 4 Dead has been released.  Please run hldsupdatetool to receive the update.  The specific changes include:

Game and client changes:
- Introduced fatigue to the melee attack in versus mode. You will see a HUD display when your melee swing is cooling down
- Boomer vomit will now pass through common infected
- Addressed some surround sound detection issues
- Fixed a rare crash when exiting Left 4 Dead on Windows Vista
- Fixed a case where the complete all expert campaigns achievement was not being rewarded

Dedicated server changes:
- Corrected an issue where Windows based dedicated were sending spurious shutdown notifications to the master causing – them to delist temporarily
- Fixed dedicated servers not resetting the versus team swap correctly–you could join a dedicated server that had a – previous game that was swapped and arrive on the other team than what was selected in the lobby
- Renamed the tags for sv_search_key to use “key:” in the server tags instead of “sv_search_key.” This should help with issues of the 63 character limit of server tags
- Fixed an occasional server crash related to voting


To update your Left 4 Dead game servers please run the update button on your control panel.

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