You’ll never escape the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!

If the phrases “Fox-Die” “Les Enfants Terrible” and “The Patriots” don’t mean anything to you then the chances are that, yes, you have escaped the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo’s malign influence.

For now.

On the 12th of June 2008 we’re about to have a simultaneous world-wide release of the last in a series of games that has influenced, and mobilised, countless world-wide fans. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be unleashed, and we’ll see the return of Liquid Ocelot, Vamp, Meryl, and Otacon. Oh, and Solid Snake. And sadly Raiden. You can put that boy in a ninja suit, give him a HF-Katana, and have him deflect thousands of knives but all I hear when I look at him is him and Rose whining at each other. Metal Gear Solid 2 sparked hilarious fan-boy rage and I’m only one of a very small number who hope that it’s Raiden who shoots himself instead of Snake – we base that hope on the premise that Hideo Kojima released footage of Snake fighting someone before the release of MGS2 and in game it was Raiden who did the fighting.

I know lots of people in games production right now who are planning to buy and who have bought a PS3 to play that game alone. And they’ve taken the 12th and 13th off work to do it. I plan to join them.

So how to warm up your PS3 before Snake Day? Grab a copy of Haze is how!

- John

Only Snake is the True Hero.

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3 Responses to You’ll never escape the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!

  1. Cain says:

    Lol, Loving the Raiden abuse and yeah your pretty much right “Raiden, I’m pregnant” “What?” blah blah blah, Just give me a boss battle any day even the one with Fortune where you can’t technically win.
    I myself will be procuring a PS3 although not just for this game.
    From MGS on the PS1 to the PS2 Snake Eater Kojima has maniged to pull out all the stops and although he says it isn’t the quality he wants it (His bar must be extremely high thank god) it will still be an awesome game.
    Playing the original I found it very weird that bosses had psychic powers etc… but enjoyed it nonetheless, don’t get me wrong I love a fantasy game but as I heard nothing of it until playing it I hadn’t expected it to have such elements as it seemed to have a rather serious plot, thankfully the serious element is maintained while adding this extra ordinary element as well which is quite a feat if thought about.
    Kojima’s style and imagination is brilliant, of course just as much credit goes to his team who thought of some retaining features within the game which are shown during the documentary on MGS2′s bonus disk.
    I personally agree with the comment and can’t wait for it to come out.
    As for the Raiden situation it seems that Kojima has picked up on the fact that he was hated by so many as shown in his trailers for the game, so I doubt that Raiden will have a major role…and if he does I suspect it may be quite amusing.
    Well Done Konami

    Ps. I’m hoping Vamp kills Raiden with a Brick, We can hope can’t we? And hopefully Rose is locked in a sound proof box where no-one can hear her.

  2. John says:

    Well said! I loved the abilities that the different bosses had in MGS1. They all had really cool abilities that matched their characters. Thought and depth had gone into creating them, not as follows:

    “Hey Hideo, we’re all set for scene Tan13, we jut need a boss.”
    “Have someone the Americans can relate to.”
    “… a fat guy? Who blows shit up for no good reason?”
    “He’s missing something…”
    “… My God you’re a genius!”

  3. I gamer says:

    Yes I also Absolutely adore this game. And play in on my PS constantly, would recommend it to everey gamer out there.

    Just play and enjoy you’ll see how good it is if you don’t believe it.

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