So the beta Orange box has been released. Hurrah! whoopee! Great. No, er wait. Why STEAM, insist on putting the games in a folder called “orangebox” when we load the server files? It doesn’t keep in with our file structure. It makes no sense. It’s irritating. Please change the full release back as normal, where game folders go into the srcds folder. It’s easy :)
/me gets off his orange box

We have a pre-order page for Team Fortress 2 servers. Unfortunately the usual instant setup, and marvellous instant availability we like to offer isn’t on offer yet. Hopefully it’ll be only a couple of days for STEAM to pull their cyber finger out.
Team Fortress 2 servers are available in Windows only. Here we go again. Again, this seems daft. Why are beta’s so increasingly ‘BETA’! Linux servers out number Windows servers two to one. Give us what we want, I say, damnit!
Why? Because generally Linux offers far better performance than “point and click” Windows. I love my Linux, me. To use Linux and to use it well, you have to have a clue. With Windows (sorry all those Windows (majority) GSP’s out there) but any old fool could do it. Point click….point click….type….click click….’har har lol I’m a server genius, lets start selling some cs source servers to some n00bs’

Give me a few pints and I could handle Windows. Actually, no, I’d need some class A drugs and a team of cheer leaders to lower my standards that far.

Rant over, just next time STEAM, us educated GSP’s like using Linux. Windows we do not like. And yes, your beta could have been betta.

And as soon as TF2 is on linux servers, we will have a jolly good session :)

/Olly publishes blog post and closes Internet Explorer.

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