Jesus uses INX

Jesus uses INX apparantly. I was happy to assist with one of his technical problems on livechat just now.

Jesus: I have nails in my feet and hands what should i do?

You are now speaking with Oliver Warburton of Sales.

Oliver Warburton: Hello Jesus

Jesus: hi

Oliver Warburton: have you asked the Romans to remove them?

Jesus: yes they said they are not prepared to

Oliver Warburton: damn how mean

Jesus: i know i really don’t know what to do

Oliver Warburton: What about Mary Magdelene?

Oliver Warburton: Could you possibly do one of your miracles to distract those Roman meanies, while she runs over to help?

Jesus: she has no head :-S

Oliver Warburton: Bummer

Oliver Warburton: What about asking help from the almighty himself?

Jesus: do you think i should ask my dad?

Oliver Warburton: Yeah, that’s what i was going to suggest JC

Jesus: ok i’ll ask and let you know

Jesus: yes he has done that now

Jesus: thanks for your help

Oliver Warburton: My pleasure

Oliver Warburton: Do drop in on the temple btw

Oliver Warburton: I have heard from Peter that they are setting up stalls and gambling again, the infidels

Jesus: not my problem am done with that shite im trying to go cold turkey

Oliver Warburton: Don’t blame you

Oliver Warburton: Well go and have a glass of blood personfication on me

Jesus: you must have one boring job if you have the time to talk to me

Oliver Warburton: If you fancy popping over later I have a wealthy resource of water you are more than welcome to turn into wine

Jesus: i’ll think about it

Jesus: i don’t like using my powers to get lashed

Oliver Warburton: I realise it must seem a b****r sometimes, but think of all you’ve done for us all

Oliver Warburton: You have to let your rather long hair down once in a while

Jesus: i know that bread and fish was bloody expensive

Jesus: it was Hovis aswell

Jesus: well i need to go i’m afraid Mary has swallowed her tongue again

Oliver Warburton: I won’t ask how she managed that. I still need to catch up with her about the whole bloodline thing

Jesus: i told her not to take them E’s because she just cant handle them

Jesus: see you later Oliver, btw don’t ask for more it will wreck your life

And with that Jesus left.

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3 Responses to Jesus uses INX

  1. Patton says:

    haha, nice story there Olly!
    And so you see even Jesus uses INX :D

  2. r2d2 says:

    LOL, classic

  3. Ack says:

    Haha, I love it.

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