Team Fortress 2 Updates Available – 13/05/2010

An update for TF2 servers was released late last night.

A required update for Team Fortress 2, and an optional update for Day of Defeat: Source and the Counter-Strike: Source Beta is now available.  Please run hldsupdatetool to receive the update.  The specific changes include:

Linux Dedicated Server:

- Fixed srcds_run to work properly with the Counter-Strike: Source beta dedicated server when autoupdating.


- Fixed the startmovie command not using the codec dialog.

Team Fortress 2:

- Fixed dropped weapons and ammo kits not being affected by explosions.

- Adding missing “+lookup” and “+lookdown” keybind options.

- Added SetCTFCaptureBonusTime tf_gamerules input to allow map authors to set the length of crit bonus time (in seconds) for CTF captures.


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