Violence Mars GTA4 Release

Two separate attacks occurred around the time of GTA4′s midnight release that ruined the release of the game. One was an unprovoked stab attack and the other was a vicious weaponless attack in which two men broke a teenager’s nose and jaw to get his copy of the game. Even if two men are prepared to resort to crime to get hold of their copy, I doubt they can justify that level of violence to get hold of it. They can’t. They aren’t men.

It’s tragic that a climate of fear should penetrate our games community, and on behalf of INX I would like to express my support for the victims and condemn such crimes.

If you have any information about the stab attack in Croydon, London (there were 50-100 potential witnesses that night) please report it to the Metropolitan Police (you can do this anonymously).

If you have any information about the robbery in Lancashire please contact the Lancashire Constabulary (again you can do this anonymously).

- John

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  1. XBox 360 says:

    Nice ! We can see how much popular is this game :D It’s awesome game, like a reality, but I think .. getting it in this way is a bit stupid !

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