Virtual boob jobs is jugs too far

Where we differ most from past generations isn’t just in haircuts, or dress sense. The question that’s being asked is, are we going too far, and more importantly. Where will we end up?

The media is currently in a frenzy over online gaming website Miss Bimbo. I use the phrase online gaming loosely. Because for those of you used to playing Counterstrike online or pwning Call of Duty 4 servers, you might find this game a little odd.

The web-based game offers players to buy (virtually, for their online character) breast enlargements, dieting pills and face lifts.

Now, nothing new you might say. In fact, I’m offered breast enlargements on a daily basis by email (I always email back to ask if they offer reductions, but they never get back to me :( ()

What seems shocking is it’s claimed that girls as young as 8 play the game.

My auntie looked over my shoulder watching me play COD 4 at the weekend, and looked disgusted when I head shotted some noob out in cover. Watching the players head explode, she seemed to insinuate I’d somehow be tainted by this and go out and really shoot people.

I wonder what she’d make of Miss Bimbo….

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