INX Gaming Tutorial: Installing Matties EventScripts

We are going to go through the motions of installing Mattie’s EventScripts on your server.

Login to your MyINX account and select the control panel for the server that you want to install Mattie’s EventScripts on to. Once you have entered the control panel, click on ‘Mod Central’.

Location of mod center

Now you are in Mod Central, locate the Mattie’s EventScripts and click ‘Install’.

Install Matties EventScrpts

When you click install, the control panel will go through the process of installing Mattie’s EventScripts onto your server and moving the files to the correct place on your server. Once this process has been carried out, you will be presented with the notification to restart your server. Click ‘Start/Restart’


Once you have restarted your server, return to the home page of the control panel to ensure that your server is now online again.


You can also check the status of your server by using HLSW. This will tell you if your server is back online, or still in the process of restarting. The other advantage of using HLSW to monitor your server is that it tells you what mods are currently installed and active on your server. This is the ideal tool to see if Mattie’s EventScripts has successfully installed and is running on your server. Click the HLSW link on the main page of the control panel.

As you can see from this picture, the latest version of Mattie’s EventScripts (correct at the time of writing this) is installed on the server and is currently running.

InstalledYou have now successfully installed Mattie’s EventScripts onto your server! :)

For further reading please see the Wiki on the website or post on our forums.

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