INX Gaming Tutorial: Installing Sourcemod

This tutorial is also available in a video. Click here to view the video tutorial.


We are going to go through the motions of installing Sourcemod onto your server. Please note, before installing Sourcemod you need to have Metamod: Source installed on your server. Don’t worry though as we will be showing you how to do it in this tutorial :)

Firstly, login to the control panel and select the server that you want to install Sourcemod on by clicking ‘Control Panel’ under the respective server.

Now we are in the control panel, we are going to navigate to ‘Mod Central’. Mod Central is a repository of all mods that INX Gaming have in their control panel. Once we have clicked on Mod Central we are shown a list of all the available mods for the type of server that you are running. In the example shown below, there is a list of mods that are available for a Counter Strike Source server. The first mod that we are interested in installing at the moment is Metamod: Source. Locate it on the list and click ‘Install’.

Once the install is successful, you will be prompted to restart the server. Failiure to restart the server when advised could cause problems with the installation and therefore the mod may not function.

Click ‘Start/Restart’ to restart the server which will complete the installation.

To ensure that Metamod: Source has installed correctly, we are going to check to see if the server is back online. If the server is not online, then there may be a chance that Metamod: Source did not install correctly. Click ‘Home’ to return to the summary of your server. As you can see from the example below, the server is online. We can now go ahead and install Sourcemod onto the server.

Navigate to Mod Central like we did earlier. This time we are going to locate Sourcemod in the list and then click ‘Install’.

Once the installation of Sourcemod is completed, you will be prompted to restart the server again. Simply click the ‘Start/Restart’ button as shown below.

Once the server has restarted, i need to check to see if the mods have installed correctly and are currently running. The simplest way to do this is to view your server through HLSW. If the mods have been installed correctly and are running as they should be, you would expect to see what is highlighted below. Please bear in mind that the version numbers may differ from the ones shown in this tutorial.

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