INX Gaming Tutorial – Setting and Managing Mani Admin Plugin

This tutorial will be helping you to set up Mani Admin Plugin using our Panel, not manually. So for dedicated customers, unless you have our panel installed on your box, I’m afraid you can’t use this tutorial.

Right, lets get down to business. Lets login to the panel. Once logged into the panel, make sure your game server is online. Once logged in, we need to go to ‘Mod Central’. Once there, you should fine a page like this. Now, you will see that Mani Admin is the top option, this is kept up to date on the latest version. Click Install. It may take a while to insatll, once done, you will be presented with this page. As it suggests, restart your server. If there are people playing on your server and you don’t want to disturb them, you can click ‘Go Back’ and wait for the map to change. Once you click on ‘Restart Server’ You will be told when the server has been restarted. Now click on home, check the status of your server, it will proberbly say offline, don’t worry, refresh your page every 10 seconds or so and it should change to ‘Online’. If it doesn’t come back ‘Online’ within 5 minutes, please try the ‘Fix Me’ Button. If this doesn’t work, please contact INX Technical Support.

Now, Mani Admin should be installed on your server, we are going to use HLSW to check. As you can see, it has been succesfully installed and running.

Now, if you know how to edit Mani, you can stop here. If you need to know how to -

  • Set Up Admins
  • Add Adverts

You need to continue. Firstly, we will set up admins. To do this, we need to go to the ‘File Editor’. and you need your steam ID. To get your Steam ID, type status in console while connected to a server. Then find your name, next to it, the will be somthing like this. STEAM:_0:0:12345. In ‘File Editor’ we need to find adminlist.txt, but it will proberbly be written as adminlist.txt.old, this is what were going to look for. This file is about 3/4 of the way down the page. Once you have found the file, click ‘Edit’. You will be presented with a blank page, fill it in like this. Now let me explain it. Name it somthing as a backup, so if you make a mistake in the future, you can go straight back to one that works. Enter your steam ID without the STEAM:_ , once that is done, if you have a few admins, you might want to name the Steam ID’s so you know who’s they are. Like I have done, add a few spaces and use //, this means Mani won’t read it. Now restart your server for the changes to take affect. To use Mani amin, you need to type “admin” in console.

Adding Adverts. This couldn’t be simpilar. Again, we need to use ‘File Editor’. The file we need is adverts.txt. As above, click ‘Edit’. You will be presented with this. Edit the file how you like, starting with a colour in ‘{}’. Now Save the file and restart the server.

This is the end of the tutorial.

Hope This Helps!

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4 Responses to INX Gaming Tutorial – Setting and Managing Mani Admin Plugin

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Thanks alot for that, but i couldnt see your examples of pages, when I clicked on like “this” it said could not be displayed so i didnt know what to fill in on the edit bit. Can you help me out?

  2. Spawndex says:

    Same, page not found errors, so it’s a bit confusing, if you could help out I’d really appreciate it, but this guide does seem pretty damn good.

  3. John says:

    Hi guys,

    It’s probably best that you ask around in



  4. Spawndex says:

    Its all good, I found a really good guide so anyone else with this problem can get themselves sorted

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