INX Gaming Tutorial: Useful COD commands (All versions excl. MW2)

Here are a list of useful commands that can be used in-game in all versions of Call of Duty (excluding Modern Warfare 2).

Firstly you might need to enable the option to show the console in-game. This is found in the options which are specific to each game. You will then need your RCON password to hand if you don’t already know it. If you have forgotten your RCON password, this can be found in your rankedserver.cfg file which is available to view using the File Editor of the Control Panel.

Please note: The items coloured in red are variables and you will need to amend these areas to suit the command.



rcon login your_rcon_password You will need to do this first for the following commands to work.
rcon map mp_ name_of_map This will change the map.
rcon fast_restart This will restart the map (fast)
rcon g_gametype sd This will change the gametype to sd (Search & Destroy). All gametypes can be used, but will require a full map restart to take effect.
rcon map_restart This will do a full map restart.
cg_drawfps 1 This can be done by anyone and will show your fps in game.
cg_drawfps 0 This will stop the fps being shown.
rcon pb_sv_load pb_tasks.cfg This will load the pb_tasks.cfg if you have one.

If there are any commands that are missing which can be used in all versions of Call of Duty (excluding Modern Warfare 2), please leave a comment and they can be added to the list.

With thanks to meanman for the list of commands :)

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