CSS Servers Update Released 30/10/2010

A required update for CSS Servers is now available. The specific changes include:

- Fixed performance issues and memory leaks related to scoreboard display.
- Fixed long-standing bug in which a player would see another player in a grenade-throwing animation when they no longer had a grenade as their active weapon.
- Fixed animation problem (“crab walk”) caused by aborting bomb plant by using the drop command.
- Fixed several ragdoll animation problems related to cl_minmodels.
- Fixed several crashes that could be caused by user modified .res files.
- Run sounds are no longer heard from players walking with the Scout equipped.
- Player’s last match stats will no longer be updated if the player did not actually participate in the match (e.g. only spectated).
- Flagged bot_mimic and bot_flipout as CHEAT vars.
- Fixed “Cold War” achievement so that it now requires the correct number of opposing players.
- Fixed hud_showtargetid; added hud_showtargetpos for setting the on-screen location of the targeted.
- Fixed bug in which the client camera would jump to another player if the player died when mp_fadetoblack is enabled.
- Removed extraneous/incorrect help text for nightvision goggles.
- Fixed bug in which the spectator UI would disappear after a mode switch or similar renderer change.
- Changed the size of the bomb icon on the spectator UI


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