Game updates July

There are updates avaiable for the following games over the last 72 hours, Team Fortress 2 servers, Left 4 Dead 2 servers, CSS servers and CS 1.6 servers

21/07 – TF2

An optional update for Team Fortress 2 is now available.  Here are the specific changes:

Server Browser:

- Fixed the server browser not saving filter settings properly.

Team Fortress 2:

- Fixed a speed exploit related to benchmarks.

- Fixed Parasite hat not being posed correctly on class loadout panels.

- Fixed a level change crash.


21/07/2010 – L4D2

Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Left 4 Dead 2

- Added additional protection for critical files

- All add-on files will be loaded when connecting to a Non-Official server regardless of game mode

- Only approved custom maps will be loaded when connecting to an Official server

- Player’s can print the contents of the consistency list with “cl_print_consistency_list”. If the server has sv_consistency disabled, the user will be notified when they attempt to print the list

- Improvement to Hammer load times

22/07/2010 – CS 1.6

A beta update to the Counter-Strike 1.6 dedicated server is now available.  To access the beta, run the update command with “-beta hl1beta”.  The specific changes include:

- Potential fix for svc_bad network errors (thanks to Sorin)


22/07/2010 – L4D2

The Linux dedicated server for Left 4 Dead 2 has been updated.  The specific changes are:

- Fixed Linux dedicated server crash when path to dedicated server installation included uppercase characters


23/07/2010 – Counter Strike Source

A required update for Counter-Strike: Source is now available.  The specific changes include:

- Added Steam Clan Tag support ( Set yours in Options->Multiplayer->Advanced )

- Added new achievement “CLAN WARFARE”: Win a match of at least 10 players where the entirety of each team is composed of a single clan.

- All weapon fire rates now tuned to match their pre-update, tickrate 100 equivalents. (

- Added automatic server tagging for some server convars ( “mp_startmoney”, “mp_friendlyfire”, “bot_quota”, “sv_nostats”, “sv_allowminmodels” )

- Fixed some issues for players who were experiencing stat corruption.

- Fixed several server crash exploits.

- Fixed server commands “sv_disablefreezecam” and “sv_nowinpanel” not working on dedicated servers.

- Adjusted some DX9 shaders to look more like their DX8 counterparts, e.g. flashbang effect.

- Community Requests:

- Fixed entity I/O messages “OnPlayerPickup” and “OnPlayerUse”.

- Restored UTF-8 support in the console.

- Added env_hudhint entity, for use in custom maps (The allplayers flag must be set for the hint to work in Counter-Strike.)

- Added client convar “sv_hudhint_sound” to turn off emit sound for hud hints.

- Restored the “cl_minmodels” client convar.

- Added server convar “sv_allowminmodels” that allows them to prevent clients from using “cl_minmodels”.

- Added a button to Options->Multiplayer that allows players to reset their in-game stats.

- Note:  Due to the nature of stats corruption, it is not possible to automatically fix all types of stats (such as weapon statistics reflecting usage of the wrong weapon).  Players who suspect their stats are incorrect and wish to start fresh may want to use the new stat reset feature.


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