TF2 Servers Update Released 28/10/2010

A required update for TF2 Servers is now available. The specific changes include:

Engine (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
- Removed the rate limit for the “status” command when entered into the server console.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed people to send fake server messages to clients.
- Significantly improved engine vertex compression (large reduction in per-model memory usage).

Team Fortress 2
- Added Art-pass contest winners:
- Mountain Lab
- Mann Manor
- Halloween 2010 Event
- Mann Manor is haunted by the Horseless Headless Horsemann.
- Random gift drop in Mann Manor.
- 4 new Halloween achievements.
- Added new Halloween hats.
- Added a new Halloween weapon.
- Added Gift Wrapping of gifts to the store.
- Added Custom Description tag to the store.
- Added the community created “Swamp Theme” assets, so all maps can use it:
- SeeĀ for full details.
- Updated cp_coldfront with the latest changes from the community creator (Icarus):
- Improved visibility on last CP.
- Moved second CP slightly closer to the attacker’s side.
- Added cover for players queuing up the health pack on the second CP.
- Improved clipping on the zig-zag ramp to middle CP.
- Teams that capture the middle CP are now awarded with faster spawn times.
- Added a health penalty to the Rocket Jumper.
- Added the Sticky Jumper for Demomen to practice jumping.
- Fixed the Sandvich charge meter.
- Fixed glows not drawing correctly when using antialiasing on some computers.
- Improved the checks that trigger mp_scrambleteams_auto.
- Added console commands to initiate trades directly (cl_trade/cl_trade_steamid) to help people running trading servers.


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