Zombie Panic Source Update (1.4.1)

Hi guys,

An update has been released for Zombie Panic Source game servers, detailed below:

=====1.4.1 (12-1-2008) =======
-Autovision and noscoot cvars should now save settings.
-Zombies can now lunge “through” knockback.
-Bullet knockback has been significantly reduced. (Slowdown on bullet hits only apply now).
-If a carrier disconnects, a new carrier will be chosen.
-sv_usescustom cvar now added for people who use custom plugins. This will help differentiate standard gameplay servers from ones with gameplay modifications.
-Fixes for various ladder bugs.
-Fixes for various maps.
-Flashlight will now flicker out after extended use, but will recharge at the same rate. Use it sparingly.
-Some minor sound tweaks.
-Infections have mutated, and no longer take an exact amount of time to fully turn a human.
-Zombies can no longer walk. Also walk is now disabled during panic.
-Stamina meter now indicates whether or not you are walking.
-Toggle keys no longer stall out respawning.
-Hitting the lunge key without taking any action should now have very little effect on your feed-o-meter.
-Collision system is now a bit smoother.
-Tweaked M4 recoil, and M4/Shotgun damage levels.
-Bug where dryfire would repeat if you started to shoot a rifle while reloading is fixed.
-You can no longer drop ammo while you are trying to reload a gun.
-A few helpful messages will show up if you are trying to do something that an in-game timer prevents you from doing too often.
-Alt firing while underwater with certain guns no longer plays a dryfire sound.
-Backwards bunnyhopping is no longer possible.
-Fixed a bug that prevented footstep sounds from playing when you are extremely weighed down.
-Removed some meaningless console errors.

To run the update, either run the Update button on the INX control panel, or simply reboot the server.

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