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Staff Profiles

We've put up a few mini-profiles so you can see who we really are. Unlike other game server providers, we're not just a bunch of kids (or at least most of the time)!
Olly Warburton
Managing Director & Co-Founder

Olly, one of the two co-founders, is a managing director who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty! From installing new Quadcore game servers to answering sales requests, Olly gets it done. An avid Chelsea fan by day and borderline genius by night, you'll often find him devising the next new cunning INX business strategies, playing on his Wii or lifecoaching (according to his CV!).

Aaron Taylor
Technical Director & Co-Founder

Apparently a Lily Allen fan, Aaron also co-founded INX-Gaming back when dial-up was considerd high-speed. Since then Aaron has obtained a multitude of Cisco qualifications and now handles all major network-related issues. Like Olly, Aaron is very hands on and can also be found answering support queries and making sure our game servers respond in less than one hundredth of a second!

Simon Gunton
Customer Support

Simon, often referred to as the forum man and being around for forever and one of the few people on the forums to have never rented a game server! He managed to get this job through a random late night conversation on MSN with Olly and after being invited to an interview has landed himself behind the support desk. A fan of all things music and a big Family Guy and American Dad fan.

The INX Story

And now for the past, present and future.

March 2003, Baghdad, capital city of Iraq falls to Coalition troops. Apple's ITunes is released. And meanwhile, on the dark depths INX-Gaming is born ;) Started on a shoestring budget (£100 from each director), INX was born in the days of where you could count the total number of game server providers on the fingers of one hand. From one dedicated server, to several dedicated servers in a few months. Soon INX grew into a dedicated rack, and then, several racks. To date, we host over 100 dedicated servers in our private cage of racks.

Our mission has always been to do things different. Why re-invent the wheel? This is reflected with our 100% custom setup, including control panel and unique brand.

While game server providers have come and gone for the last five years, our careful planned approach to business means we'll be around as a gameserver host for another five years!


Don't just take our word for it! Here are some comments from clans that rent our servers and have rented in the past:

Our Ventrilo server is always available and the times spent have been great! Any support tickets created were always answered within the day. Anyway keep up the fantastic service - and all the best for the company. Defiantly recommend.