why choose inx?

Why INX for game servers?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of game server providers out there. Choosing the right game server provider is crucial for the future of your clan or gaming community. We've listed a few things what makes us stand out from the rest. If you are expecting a professional, official blurb....the usual...prepare to be surprised. If we are asked, why we think you should choose us over other companies, then we'll tell you how really is :)

Does your current game server provider offer you a 100% custom built control panel, tailored just for you?

Most game server providers will provide you with a control panel to manage your server. Some don't even offer that. Can you imagine having to configure and install everything by hand? Imagine having to wait days on end for a simple reboot of your server! A control panel is a must for any serious clan.

While the majority of hosts do offer a control panel, ask them, did they make it? Or are they renting it from a generic company? Most hosts are running shared software which they rent, and put on their servers. They might try and change the website header, call it weird and wonderful names. Anything to disguise the fact they often don't have the knowledge, resources and experiences to develop and maintain their own software! It's still the same control panel every other host uses!

INX is different. Our control panel is 100% custom, build in-house. No leased software which is just lumped onto a machine. We've taken the time and have the experience to know exactly how everything works. Our control panel is built with you in mind. How many game server providers truly offer that? Want to see more? You can find full information on our control panel page.

Does your current game server provider offer you personalised rapid, intelligent support?

Ok, let's be honest here. How easy it is to display this on a website?

Instant, 24/7 support.

The sad reality, is that even if 24/7 support isn't offered it, many dishonest companies still make that promise. What's the point? You as a customer rightfully expect what's promised. Far too many companies make this promise, when the real truth is that they offer support, as and when they aren't at college/work/school. When you don't get what you are promised, you are quite right to be angry!

We like to be honest.

We've been supporting game servers for over five years, and with that comes a wealth of experience. We do not offer 24/7 support. However we do monitor our network and systems round the clock, 24/7. And we do offer fast knowledgeable support, when you need it.

How many middle men are there between your game server and your current provider?

A little anology for you. Imagine you are lying on you sofa, with your feet up, at your friend's house. Now, a reality TV program comes on, and its becoming a borefest. Time to change the channel! Hang on, it's not your house! Argh!!!
  • You ask your mate if you can change over. 'Ahhh....but you'll have to ask my mum, she likes this program,' he replies.
  • So you ask his mum. Ah, but as she informs you, the cable is broke. The channel's won't change! Let me ring up the TV company.
  • Mum rings up the cable company. The account isn't in her name, it's in your mate's dad's!

I wouldn't have gone that far. I'd have given up, and done something interesting, like played Chess.

Now, imagine the same scenario with your server provider. We know it happens! Many game server providers are renting dedicated servers (that means they don't own the hardware), from another provider (they don't own the racks), who are renting a rack from another company, who then rent from the datacentre. Seriously, that's timid. We've come across far worse. Incidently those offering that, also generally boast 24/7 support!

So what happens on a Friday night, if the server crashes? Well, on the bright side, you could always go out!

Or, you could be with us, and not play provider dominos! We do not believe in middle men. As our setup page will confirm we own all our own hardware, and racks. We deal directly with the datacentre. No messing about. From the moment a problem occurs, we are in direct contact to have that fault fixed. If something breaks, we get it fixed, quick.

Does your current game server provider worry about your server performance?

You cannot run low ping servers with excellent bullet registery, if you are hosting off the equivalent server specification of a home PC, as many providers do. As our hardware information page will confirm, we only use the very best hardware for your game servers. Every machine, and every server config is custom tweaked, for the very best performance. Our intelligent management system, makes sure when your server is installed, it's installed on the lowest loaded server. Imagine that!

We have a simple principle. When the INX crew goes out for dinner, or drinks, you'll never find us in a grotty hole (well, possibly much later in the evening ;)) If you are going to spend your hard earned money and enjoy yourself, then always go for the best quality. And what's what we offer, without the 5* price tag, and without the hangover ;)

Has your current game server provider been in business for over five years?

We have! And there's not many game server providers that have. Some last as much as a year, some a few months, some weeks, some a matter of days! You can be assured that as a strong, stable company, we'll be around in another five years time. Piece of mind when parting with you hard earned cash.

If you are completely new to game servers, does your current provider hold your hand every step of the way?

Anybody can rent a Windows dedicated server, click the STEAM install, or server software and start running a server. And that's what many providers do. But what about addons and configs? How about setting up a server ready for wars? What about when you need help with maps, and adding admins? While we don't promise to waive a magic wand, we do have five years experience with the most weird and wonderful mods. This means we have expert knowledge in helping you set your server up.

If you are a veteran to running game servers, does your current gaming server provider give you all the access you need?

Experts, beware. I'm sure our one click mod installs, aren't perhaps for you. You might want full FTP access to do it yourself- that's standard with our servers. Our control panel also gives you full access to the server start line. Experienced server admins might also to check out dedicated server packages for full, root access.

Does your current gameserver host offer you a wealth of hand written tutorials to help, and teach you along the way?

Many people are stuck with game server hosts that just don't want to help. So why not move over today?

We have a policy not just of doing everything for you, but in trying to help teach you how to do it, so next time you have the choice to do it yourself. Every time we receive a support question, the first consideration we make, is whether we can make it into an easy to use guide. With our new website, we're opened a dedicated articles / tutorials section. It makes sense, the more questions we have answered already, the more time we have to spend on supporting you.

After you've paid, can you expect instant setup from your current server host?

There's no reason why not! Order a game server from us, and it'll be setup automatically, within 20 minutes or less.

What freebies is your current server provider offering you?

With every game server you rent with us, we offer the following:
  • Free web hosting
  • Free Teamspeak or Ventrilo - fully licensed!
  • Free HLTV / SourceTV with every hlds / srcds game
  • Free fast download URL support for selected games

Does your current game server provider have the wealth of experience in hosting thousands of players?

While some providers only host half a dozen servers, we host thousands of players on our gbit network. Size does matter!

Can you turn to busy, friendly community forums for help and advice?

You may be fed up with your current providers inactive, empty forums. Don't worry! We pride ourselves on the size of our community forums. Over the years we've built up up an expert team of hand picked community technicians. Try asking any question you like on any aspect of your game server. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much help there is. Or if you just want to chat, and bill, cool. We do a lot of that too :)

Can you run over thirty different gameservers with your provider, for the price of one?

It might not seem possible but check out all the listed game servers we provide. You can install, and then switch instantly to any one listed. At no extra cost.....yep you read that right- there's no extra charge for this facility!

Do you appreciate true value for money?

Ok, so you've seen other providers that charge twice as much as we do for the package. On the other hand, you might be 10p cheaper than us. OMG, you'll find servers for 50p less than us! isn't that the same with anything though? If you've read this far, thank you :) One final think we've love you to do when you think about price, and value for money:

  • We price so that we'll be around in another five years time. We don't want to be a cheap fly by night provider that runs off with your money.
  • Quality, excellent support, fully licensed voice comms, business class hardware and a world class network does not come cheap.
  • If you mix in everything you get with us, we feel we represent excellent value.

Thousands of happy customers consider us excellent value for money. What are you waiting for?
Of course if you have any questions regarding the epic essay above, do please contact us.


Don't just take our word for it! Here are some comments from clans that rent our servers and have rented in the past:

Recently got a 18 man dod server from these guys and well all I can say is WOW. Service is excellent, support top class, server is stable and the reg is superb. Huge thumbs up to all at inx-gaming, who are providing a top class service and top class servers for an excellent price.

British Bulldog