Update for TF2 & CSS servers

An update has been released for TF2 & CSS servers

Last night, an update for TF2 hosting & CSS servers was released. This follows a large amount of CSS servers updates in recent weeks.

TF2 & CSS servers update information

Required update for Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source are now available. The specific changes include:

Source Engine ( TF2, DoD:S, CS:S )
- Fixed a crash on startup with some video drivers.
- Fixed a bug where the speaker config would be lost on Windows Vista / 7
- Fixed a case where alt-tab would stop rendering models.
- Made the ‘X’ that closes the achievements screen visible by default in 1280×720 resolution.
- Made disconnect messages wrap so they don’t get truncated.
- Made kick / disconnect messages more legible.

Counter-Strike: Source
- Fixed a memory leak in the dedicated server.
- Fixed a problem that could cause the crosshair to expand briefly after the trigger is released.
- Made crosshair scale independently of framerate, matching the old behavior at 100 fps. This does not affect actual recoil, fire rate, or spread – only the expansion of the crosshair. Added cl_legacy_crosshair, which defaults to the new behavior.
- Made the crosshair for the Glock and Famas scale correctly upon firing in burst mode.
- Removed ability to jump to inaccessible locations using grenades (flashboosting). Added sv_enableboost (defaulted to 0) for those who prefer to allow this behavior.
- Fixed an issue with involving incorrect armor protection vs. grenade damage. Added sv_legacy_grenade_damage (defaulted to 0) to allow servers to revert to the original behavior.
- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the freezecam sound to be heard when spectating a player who dies.
- Fixed an issue that could cause KeyHintText to generate junk characters.
- Prevented ragdoll spasm that could occur when using the jointeam command.
- Addressed a problem with the sniper rifles that prevented unzooming during auto-reload after shooting all the bullets in a clip.
- Fixed an issue with the AWP and Scout that could cause their zooms to vibrate briefly after a reload.
- Fixed map cycling so that the cycle now starts from the map selected by the user instead of going back to the first map.
- Fixed mp_restartgame so that it resets MVPs as well as score and deaths.
- Removed fun fact from achievements summary screen and associated playerblotter functionality.
- Throttled warning messages for disabled achievements to no more than once every 60 seconds.
- Made the silhouette that appears when you hit AUTO-SELECT on the Terrorist choose a class screen fit within its borders.
- Fixed lock radar rotation option in the GUI. Setting this option now works.
- Fixed a potential crash with custom huds.
- Fixed a bug in walk prediction.

Team Fortress 2
- Fixed a bug in the Steamworks stats reporting.
- Fixed the new Worms gear not playing the correct sound during the Equalizer taunt.
- Fixed map cycling so that the cycle now starts from the map selected by the user instead of going back to the first map.
- Fixed a memory leak in the dedicated server.


How to run the update on your TF2 & CSS servers

To run the update on INX TF2 & CSS servers, please run the update button on our game server control panel.

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