Clan sponsorship & free game servers

Is your clan looking for sponsorship? A free server?

Are you pro? A bunch of commited lads who’ve been playing CSS since it beta’d on the BBC micro?

Will you put our name on your T-shirts at the LAN’s you attend? Girls already do that for me anyway, woof.

Maybe you’ll tattoo INX-Gaming on your arse, because you’ve only come to INX-Gaming because we’re the biggest and best around.

You’ll try and sell as MANY servers for as possible? Making INX-Gaming a huge game server provider?

GREAT! Where do we sign up?

INX-Gaming do not sponsor clans!!!1111shiftone

If you have just MSN’d us, or messaged us on livechat, and have been linked to this blog post, please don’t take offence.

Take it as just me being very honest, and telling you how it is. No bullsh*t!

Let me explain, and detail, why we don’t sponsor clans, point by point:

It says clearly on our contact page we don’t sponsor

Go on, have a look at It’s likely you have found our MSN / Windows Live Messenger, or Xfire address on there. in haste you didn’t read the writing next to it:

» Live / MSN Messenger – For sales enquiries only. We do NOT provide technical support via msn. Please also note we do not offer sponsorship to clans, so please don’t ask.

Oops! Missed that bit. Maybe we should tattoo it to our head. And I concede, we don’t state it for Xfire, we tell you to look above:

» XFire – inxgaming. As above! :)

Clearly it says on the contact page we don’t sponsor. Don’t worry, I don’t read all the crap on webpages either. We all skim read. It happens. In fact only this morning I skim read an entire edition of Nuts Magazine.

Although those few that think “Yes, I did read that but we’re an exception”.

Yes you quite clearly are. Very rarely do I walk down the street to see pro-CSS players with their head shoved up their own arse. There are no exceptions. None, no thank you!

What about our paying customers?

If I bought a kebab from Chilli Masters in Spalding (my favourite local takeway), and then saw Chaz and Jon come out with free kebabs, I’d start a fast food dual. No, really I wouldn’t stand for it.

If you went into the off license and bought some beer, only for the people to come along side you and take a free case (hey, on the house lads, you are pro underage drinkers), you’d not be happy.

So how does one of our customers feel, let’s call him Andrew, when he / she has shed out £30 for a big public Counterstrike server? He loves it, cos we are great. He’s happy to pay the money monthly. He’s been with us 6 months now.

And then, then little dlibert in da txtspeak vuice sez a forum post.


Point made clear? Andrew’s going to go apesh*t. And likely so.

While we are charging for a service (yes we are a business, and there to make money….SHOCK HORROR), we will not give something free to a clan while other customers are paying their hard earned cash.

It aint worth it, love

Contrary to what the templates you can copy and paste your clan name, and the GSP name into, it aint worth it for us GSP’s.

I’ve spent 4 years in marketing and business development. With the best due respect, I find it a lil irritating when I’m told how we should be advertising ourselves.

Putting your banner on our website, it aint going to work.

Really, you could get the red devils to explode our name across the air.

I am not bovved.

Again, don’t take offence if you’ve been linked to this. I’m telling it as it is, and having a little gest at the same time.

But for Pete’s sake (or Andrew’s), have a look at our affiliates system –

If you are a brilliant clan, well done. You’ll never be as pro as me at CS, but PLEASE keep on trying.

Seriously, if you are a respected clan, and you like our services, earn yourself £5 for referring us. Then you can get a proper server. A proper custom control panel. All the works.

And you won’t have to tattoo Olly on your arse.

Have a good weekend all!

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24 Responses to Clan sponsorship & free game servers

  1. Simon Gunton says:

    well siad olly :D , i think people would be stuipid if they still try it on

  2. Issus says:


    are you sure you dont sponsor ;)

  3. Blankage says:

    LOL. Well said! Who needs sponsorship when servers are such good value!

    PS – Am will you sponsor me? :P

  4. also you look very silly asking for cute puppies or nappy changing on the forums

    not that I enjoy causing trouble, or anything…

  5. Errant says:

    Im sure if someone with a big cross gaming community site and 10 rented servers approached you it would be a different matter :P

    Seriously though the affiliate scheme is a great (if fatally flawed) idea :)

    Now I’m off to find a sponsor… wish me luck :)

  6. Too right! I bloody hate the word “Sponsorship” in gaming. Generally it just means “We’re too tight to buy a server ourselves. Free plz!!1″
    This post is completely bang on the point. Besides, I’m quite happy to sell servers to my friends if and when they ask for a good service provider, without having free sutff thrown at me IF the provider is good.
    This would explain why I’ve recommended INX to quite a few people! :P
    Keep up the great work, INX is by far the best server company Deadly Impact has ever dealt with.

  7. I couldn’t of put that better myself Olly pal! That’s the funniest shit ever! And members of the public, seriously, wou won’t beleive the amount of “0mg plz sponor r clan!!!!!1111″ mail recently!

  8. Lewis says:

    Oh, so getting the tattoo on my arse was a waste of time then.. Damn!

  9. ? says:

    so can i have a sponsor for my clan please?


  10. BASuk says:

    Haha, you are a legend, I was so compelled to read on from the main page and that is absolute genius :)

  11. CityHunter says:

    LMAO really liked reading that olly but did you not mean rightly rather than likely?
    “Point made clear? Andrew’s going to go apesh*t. And likely so.”

    I rent game servers from different providers you guys and 4u-servers and yeah I would not be best pleased that I have to pay and some other guy does not cause he has been given a server.

    Keep uo the good ranting :D

  12. Goose says:

    Can you sponsor my clan?

    Only kidding!!

    iNX rules :D

  13. VashD says:

    Errant is absolutely right, if their was a clan that have just won CPL or something and come along and said that to you, you’d definately do it, your practically talking to yourself buddy and to be honest, i would probably do the same, but if a big clan came along, you’d say yes, and you know it!!!!1111oneoneoneone

  14. Jase says:

    I attempted to run a GSP for a little bit once.. found out that 9 / 10 of my emails was “Reasons to why you should sponsor me” and there all the same.. “We have 500 members”.. yea so are they all buying servers?. I rejected one once and the “rebel” was all like “no blud.. u c i dnt even wnt a server frm yew, i was jus sein if i can get it for free ya get me?”.. Was like… fuck off.

  15. oioi says:

    “no blud.. u c i dnt even wnt a server frm yew, i was jus sein if i can get it for free ya get me?”.. Was like… fuck off


  16. bee says:

    sponsorship is for the weak and needy.
    a message to all those who would like to get a free server “go take a long walk of a short pier you tight arse noobs”,
    keep up the good work inx

  17. Angel_slayer says:

    I like it i thought. as i started reading i was supprised you would untill i got to the big read wording. its just class

  18. f****off give people a chance who want to suceed maybe people looking for sponsorship are struggling to maintain there growing cost in a econemy as were in now.

    i rent 15 server at the moment but i dont need sponsorship but there are people who i rent 2 servers to to help them establish themselves and when they get to were they want to be they start paying me for the rent.

    maybe you all should think about this coz if it wasnt for people like myself you inconsiderate f****would have no servers to play on.

    Ps inx sucks i get 15 servers for half of what they charge and the customer support is terrific all my servers are non steam and steam protocols and are ranked one of the highest in the rankings

    So f*** y’all

  19. Olly says:

    Dear Sir,

    I sit crying. Crying my eyes out. I turned my VAC off, and here you came along straight through my hax protection. Your words burned me. Burned me sir.

    You have to ask questions about any host that’s running “non Steam” for starters. You know you aren’t supposed to? Ah you knew that, you were just testing.

    I’m suffering the credit crunch too. But I can tell you when I asked the gym the other day if I could have my £30 a month membership for free, they said “Nice try fatty”. Excellent customer service though, they gave me a branded towel to wipe the tears away.

    I then went to my favourite takeaway and asked for a sponsored kebab. You can guess what they said yet? Was it you perhaps? Same foul language. f**** off you inconsiderate, I’ve got my family to feed. Not in his ‘econemy’.

    So I thought, no way. Third time lucky. I rang my electric supplier up, and let me tell you I was in for a shock. When I asked for some free electricity (I can’t afford it cos of the credit crunch innit), they told me if I stopped paying the bills, I’d be in the dark so to speak. Can you believe it?!!!!!11oneshiftone!!1 The inconsiderate bar stewards!

    I can feel your pain.

    PS, I did a bit of Google detectivery on you. You realise your host is 15? Probably about the same age as you. I bet he’s giving you top notch service when he’s in detention.

    PPS, You know this article was tongue in cheek?….ironic?…..a bit of fun? Ah never mind.

  20. Rus says:

    For “Idiots will burn in hell” the following will make your PC 100x faster meaning you can be more l33t and show these INX people whos really is best. Go to your nearest PC World, and go to the counter and ask for some dihydrogen monoxide. Also if they do get some sky hooks. You should get a bottle with a clear liquid which is a specially forumlated collanet developed in secret, by the US goverment. PC World are the only authorised UK supplier of the stuff.

    If you open your PC (make sure the power is on) and poor the magic liquid over the motherboard it will allow it to overclock to over 300 degrees (kelvin). You PC might release a bit of smoke but thats fine its just the flud re-routing the circuits to run faster. It will turn itself off and then you just have to turn it back on and you will have one of the fastest PC’s in the world.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it olly

  21. John says:

    Mate, INX isn’t a charity. If INX didn’t charge money to host games servers, INX couldn’t provide any service at all.

    Why did Olly’s post touch such a sore spot? Really, why did it?

    And if you’re not an INX customer then how on earth can you possibly comment on the services they provide?


    Please explain.

  22. Hello, my name is Brandon Martinez representing one of many CS CZ players. I have had many clan experience and “cal” and “cevo”. If you interested in sponsoring me with the smallest game server/team speak server i would truly appreciate it and your popularity will highly increase. Please write back.

  23. brad says:

    “Hello, my name is Brandon Martinez representing one of many CS CZ players. I have had many clan experience and “cal” and “cevo”. If you interested in sponsoring me with the smallest game server/team speak server i would truly appreciate it and your popularity will highly increase. Please write back.”

    was this guy being serious?

  24. EagleUK says:

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with this post is idiotic. GSPs who sell servers for half the cost are never as good, you pay for what you get.

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