Insurgency at INX!

At last, after rigorous testing, we are happy to announce that you can now safely switch your game servers to and from Insurgency! We are also accepting Insurgency orders which will be setup instantly via our automated system.

If you already have an account with us, here’s the quickest way to install the game:
1.  Log into the Server Control Panel
2. Click on ‘switch game’ next to the game you are currently running.
3. Select ‘Half-Life 2: Insurgency’ from the list. Do not tick the ‘install game’ box, just click Switch!
4. Back on the main page you will see an ‘Update’ button. Click this then restart your game server.

Please note that although we have tested the game thoroughly, Insurgency may not work perfectly for all customers. The game itself is still in beta so do not expect it to be bug free for at least several weeks. May I remind you that the game takes a good 30 seconds to load after you click the Start/Restart button; there is nothing we can do about this, it is the game itself causing the delay!

Happy gaming :)

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