Insurgency. The summer’s most popular game server?

I’ve a quick break from the support tickets to catch some breath…

With the game’s developers stating the game so close, gunshots can be heard, we ask, just what is the kerfuffle surrounding this game?

Lazy I know, but quoting direct from the official Insurgency site for starters:

Insurgency’s primary concept is to create an immersive online combat experience for the player,with an emphasis on teamwork and realistic elements to create intense firefights in detailed urban environments. The first scenario is set during the present war in Iraq, after the fall of the government and the uprising insurgency that followed as a result.

What’s that in short? Having talked to a member of the team, he quotes it as a cross between CS Source and Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2 without the irritating base spammers. Wow, get me some of that.

For me, the media (although in short supply, does the pre-reputation justice. Just look at this:

Insurgency screenshot

We’ve also uploaded the Insurgency trailor for your viewing pleasure. Go on, have a look, it’s pure goodness.

I can almost invisage an ice cold beer, sitting, waiting for the enemy to come round the corner.

So when’s it out? Apparantly yesterday, apparantly today! I do know the team are working flatout to iron some bugs. Expect a windows release imminently, and linux server within the next few days.

As soon as the linux server files are available- we’ll deploy the game to our control panel, bringing you lovely Insurgency gaming servers.

Please email us on if you are interested in ordering one of these awesome servers!

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  1. desertc says:

    Hey! How about a Linux client, too! We don’t want to just be hosting your Windows games.

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