Hidden Source game servers – and don’t forget Team Fortress 2!

First off, a Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone is sufficiently sober to focus on my short blog post; it has been a long while.

Just a very quick note to let you know we’ve added a new game to the panel – Hidden Source: Beta. Hidden Source originally was based on the old hlds engine, but has been ported onto the source engine as of late. It’s a fantastic indie game, and well worth checking out. Existing customers can install Hidden Source via our game server control panel, or if you prefer, you can rent a Hidden Source server.

Call of Duty 4 has even by its own expectations, taken everyone by surprise, let us not forget Team Fortress 2. Such a fantastic game, and amongst COD4, a game I’m thoroughly addicted to. You can buy a Team Fortress 2 game server by clicking the link!

Best of wishes for 2008!

- inx|Olly

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