INX-Gaming Tutorial – Adding Maps to Your Server HL/HL2 Style

This tutorial is going to teach you how to upload maps to your HL/Hl2 Server. If your not sure that your game comes under this category, the following games can follow this tutorial.

This tutorial is going to be used with a Counter Strike Source Server, the file directory’s are almost exact as well as the files that need to be uploaded but there are some changes between the amount of files for Half Life and Half Life 2.

So, lets get down to buisness, lets find the maps that you want. For this tutorial we are going to be using the map aim_ag_texture. Firstly, we need to open up FTP and connect to our server. Were going to be using Smart FTP for this tutorial.

Your FTP Username is your panel username, the same for your password. The Host, is the IP of your server. Remember not to add the port (the bit after the “:”) The port, should be already be set as 21, if not change it to 21. Connect to your server. Once you have connected, you will be presented with some files and folders. We want the folder called, srcd_l (for Half Life Games) and srcds_l (for Half Life 2 games). In that folder, there will be another folder called cstrike. Open this folder. You will then be presented with some more folders and files. One will be called maps, this is the folder that we want. The end file path should look like this, “/srcds_l/cstrike/maps” If you are in this file path, you are in the right place. Now to add the map to your server, all we need to do is upload it. To do this, the best way is to copy and paste the files from the download. Another way is to just drag them. You must upload the .bsp, .nav and if it comes with it a .txt file. Now that the files are uploaded, all you need to do now is restart your server.

After you have restarted your server. You are all done.


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2 Responses to INX-Gaming Tutorial – Adding Maps to Your Server HL/HL2 Style

  1. Thomas662 says:

    Thanks Matt, I’m going to try this out now, just installing Smart FTP, as I tried Filezilla and I couldn’t even connect. : /

  2. Suncho says:

    it appears the maplist as i check after updating it and all remains unchanged :S like it reverts the whole thing again on restart, problem being smartFTP indicates that the map are there though! Help plz!

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