INX Gaming Tutorial: Useful COD4 commands

Instead of searching for the various commands that you can use on your server, i am going to compile a list of useful commands all in one place.

I am aware that this may not be an exhaustive list of the commands, but if you know of any others that are not on the list, let me know and i will happily add it to the list. Here goes… :)

As you can see, this is a long list and may be a little difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. What i would suggest is using your find function and searching for key words (e.g. search for ban) which will highlight items that are related to your search.



PB_SV_AutoUpdBan Set to 1 (defaults to 0) if you want PB to automatically update the permanent ban file (pbbans.dat) after each change to the banlist in memory
PB_SV_BadName Adds a bad name to the list of bad names for the server to disallow in player names
PB_SV_BadNameDel Deletes a bad name from the list of bad names
PB_SV_BadNameList Displays the current bad name list for the Game Server; see the section dealing with the Player Name Management Facility
PB_SV_Ban Removes a player from the game and permanently bans that player from the server based on the player’s guid (based on the cdkey); the ban is logged and also written to the pbbans.dat file in the pb folder
PB_SV_BanEmpty Empties the current ban list stored in memory
PB_SV_BanGuid Adds a guid directly to PB’s permanent ban list; if the player_name or IP_Address are not known, we recommend using “???”
PB_SV_BanList Displays the list of bans in the console, including kicks with a temporary ban; if the [optional_search_text] parameter is specified, then only bans/kicks that include the search text are listed (useful for searching for a specific name / guid).
PB_SV_BanLoad Loads a PB Ban List from the specified file; if no filename specified, then pbbans.dat is loaded
PB_SV_BanMask Permanently bans players from joining the server from the specified IP Address / Subnet Mask; for example: issuing PB_SV_BanMask “12.34.” will cause PB to deny access to all players trying to join from an IP Address that begins with “12.34.”; These bans are written to the pbbans.dat file just like bans issued with the PB_SV_Ban command
PB_SV_Disable Disables the PunkBuster Server Software – the disabling does not take effect until the game server is exited and restarted
PB_SV_Enable Enables the PunkBuster Server Software
PB_SV_GetSs Sends a request to all applicable connected players asking for a screen shot to be captured and sent to the PB Server; to specify a player name or substring (as opposed to slot #), surround the text with double-quote marks
PB_SV_IPGuard The PunkBuster Server automatically adds suspicious IP Addresses to the IP Guard list when players join with a non-functioning PunkBuster client; Players joining from a guarded IP with an old version of PunkBuster are removed from the server; The PB_SV_IPGuard command allows admins to add their own suspicious IP Addresses to the list
PB_SV_Kick Removes a player from the game and won’t let the player rejoin until specified [minutes] has passed or until the server is restarted, whichever comes first – kicks are not written to the pbbans.dat file but they are logged and will show up in the output from the pb_sv_banlist command
PB_SV_Load Loads the specified PunkBuster configuration file which can contain PunkBuster commands and/or setting changes
PB_SV_NameLock Causes the PunkBuster Server to kick players wearing a locked name unless the player’s GUID contains the specified GUID or partial match associated with a locked name; NameLocks are not stored to disk automatically so Admins should add these to the pbsvuser.cfg file in order to have NameLocks extend to future server sessions
PB_SV_NameLockEmpty Empties the list of NameLocks in memory
PB_SV_NameLockList Displays the list of NameLocks to the server console
PB_SV_NewLog Causes PunkBuster to close the current PunkBuster log and open a new one
PB_SV_PList Displays a list of connected players and their current status
PB_SV_Power Adds player in specified slot # to the locally stored PB Player Power database with the specified power rating.
PB_SV_PowerList Displays a list of Power Players in the database; if filter is specified, then only entries where the filter is either in the guid and/or name fields are displayed
PB_SV_PowerPoints Changes the number of Power Points assigned to a Power Player in the database; use the PB_SV_PowerList command to get the power slot #
PB_SV_ProtectName Protects the specified PunkBuster Registered Name on the local server so that players who wear the protected name without having the correct Registration Credentials will be removed from the server
PB_SV_ProtectTag Protects the specified PunkBuster Registered Tag on the local server so that players who wear the protected tag without having the correct Registration Credentials will be removed from the server
PB_SV_ReBan Rebans a player who has been mistakenly Unbanned with the pb_sv_unban command; use pb_sv_updbanfile to update the permanent ban file after using this command
PB_SV_Task Adds a task to PB’s Task List; The Task will be executed X seconds after entry and every Y seconds thereafter; use -1 for Y if a one-time task is desired; this can be used to execute game server commands as well as PB commands
PB_SV_TaskDel Removes the task from PB’s Task List that corresponds to the specified task slot #
PB_SV_TaskEmpty Empties the list of Tasks in memory
PB_SV_TList Displays a list of PB Tasks along with a task slot # for each task
PB_SV_UnBan Unbans a player from the ban list stored in memory; use pb_sv_updbanfile to update the permanent ban file after using this command
PB_SV_UnBanGuid Unbans a guid from the ban list stored in memory; use pb_sv_updbanfile to update the permanent ban file after using this command
PB_SV_Update Forces the PB Server to attempt a PB software update even if no players are currently connected
PB_SV_UpdBanFile Updates the specified ban file (pbbans.dat is used if none specified) with regard to recent unbans/rebans
PB_SV_Ver Displays the currently running version of the PunkBuster Server software
PB_SV_WriteCfg Writes the current values of the PunkBuster Server settings to the local hard drive (creating or overwriting a file called pbsv.cfg) in such a way that they will be loaded automatically the next time the PunkBuster Server starts; server admins who wish to manage multiple config files for different situations will usually not use this command at all

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