Dell Quadcore Servers

Dell Quadcore Servers

INX-Gaming have tested many Linux distributions and processors to find the best performance for gaming servers. After rigorous testing we have finalised our dedi servers with the following specification. You’ll be assured of blisteringly high bullet registry when hosted on our top of the range hardware; we make it our mission to regularly update our machines to ensure the best performance in online game servers.
Please note, this is a typical specification, many machines differ:

  • Dell Poweredge 860
  • Quad Core Xeon X3220 (4 x 2.4ghz cores)
  • 8GB DDR2 RAM
  • 250GB SATA Hard Disk
  • 1000mbit Link to our network
  • Custom-compiled Linux kernel

We have many core system servers that run at higher specifications (such as multiple RAID data-mirrored SCSI hard disks) which are used for higher network redundancy. To learn more about our network, visit here.

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